The Debt Deal

August 2, 2011

It’s official. The House, The Senate and The White House have come to common ground.

The legislation signed into law today by Pres. Obama is basically a big wet steaming pile of horse manure (“BWSPOHM”).

The popular media — and some right wing bigots — are already slamming Obama for “blinking” and for his “lack of leadership.”

The real story is that it takes a real leader to sign a bill like this knowing full well that it is a BWSPOHM.

And, in the end, even the best leader who ever graced the face of our earth can’t be expected to get a herd of wild recalcitrant donkeys to do anything other than to satisfy their own desires.

I heard it said somewhere, “We can’t allow the American people to become collateral damage to Washington’s political warfare”.

Let’s hope the Tea Party Jihadists find a way to mellow out and address our financial problems in a rational and comprehensive way…

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