Juvenile Delinquents in the Congress

August 4, 2011

Last week, I was alarmed and angry at some of our elected representatives in the Congress as they played Russian Roulette with our economy.

This week, I am stunned.

The partisan shenanigans that have transpired in the 112th Congress is just Un-American and unacceptable.

As the entire world watches – in real time, thanks to advanced technology – a group of newly elected individuals in the House of Representatives are behaving badly.

They remind me of unchaperoned adolescent hooligans at their first spring break.

But this is no harmless teenage fun.

This is the real thing.

The credit rating agencies have put the world on notice that they have serious concerns about our Nation’s credit rating.

Today, the domestic equities market dropped about 4%, wiping out nearly $9.3 Trillion of our nation’s private worth.

Meanwhile, our elected officials are on leave from Washington enjoying their August recess, no doubt oblivious to the pain they have caused to regular citizens like you and me.

I’m stunned? Yes, and I’m furious!

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