Chew Nails, Spit Rust

September 23, 2011

Chew Nails & Spit Rust: This inspiration dates back to my childhood when people really worked for a living and were forced by reality to get along with each other.

Every morning, the tradesmen would gather in the same space, and they knew that if they were going to finish the bridge, the building, the highway, etc. on time, they needed to put aside their egos, come to common terms, eliminate political differences, and get the job done.

These were guys who may have finished high school, but certainly did not go to college. These were guys who came from different cultures; different religions; different ethnicities. They probably had a lot of animosity toward their brothers who were different than they were, but they didn’t seem to allow that to interfere with the overall goal.

Something has gone wrong in the United States of America.

We now have elected officials – more than 90% of whom have at least a 4-year college degree — who apparently are unable to grasp the importance of putting aside their individual egos; coming to common terms; eliminating political differences; and getting the job done on behalf of the citizens of the United States of America.

Back in the day, the theme was: Let’s get the job done, and after 5 PM, we can work out our differences in the parking lot or the back alley.

Today, our elected officials seem to think that the way to work out differences is to abuse victims of natural disasters.

How juvenile is this?

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