Bill Maher & The New New Rules

November 20, 2011

Bill Maher was interviewed for “All Things Considered” which was broadcast on Sunday, November 20, 2011.  Most of the interview centered on his new book, “The New New Rules…..”, and some of his thoughts on current events.

In just 7 minutes, he somehow was able to surface some very disturbing symptoms that seem to be invisible to our elected officials.

Here is an edited excerpt:

“I’m Irish.  The Irish people get mad at anything…  The country is real screwed up…  I think many of us think things are so off track and there are so many greedy selfish people who have hijacked what was good about this country…. Well, you know what’s exceptional about America unfortunately is we are the only advanced nation that doesn’t have Health Care; we are number one in Income Inequality; we are the nation that throws the highest percentage of our own people into prison; we are number one in debt; we are number one in military expenditures; we are number one in meth labs and fat toddlers.

The things we are number one in these days are mostly not good things….”

Here is a link to the entire interview, well worth spending 7 minutes listening to:

Can we get our friends and neighbors focused on the big picture, and demand that their elected officials stop all of this inane silliness and get focused on real issues that have real potential to destroy our country — permanently?

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