Fiscal Cliff

November 29, 2012

Mr. Boehner:  A large majority of us are really disappointed in you and Eric Cantor.

The majority of Americans have no allegiance to Grover Norquist and the Koch brothers.

We want to see our elected officials come to the table with open minds, seeking to do what is correct and right for our country. We don’t much care who your campaign contributors are, or what sorts of issues you are dealing with in your upcoming election campaign.

We do understand that you – as an elected member of Congress – need to run for re-election every 2 years.

That said: you accepted the position of Speaker of the House, which implies that you agreed to rise above the local issues specific to your rural & primarily agricultural district in Ohio and to function as a leader across our very diverse nation.

I think the vast majority of our fellow citizens expect you to be objective, rational and strategic in your words and your actions.

Your recent contention that “No substantive progress has been made in the talks between the White House and the House over the last two weeks” appears to be both confrontational and incendiary.

Incendiary comments certainly do not support the concept of compromise.

Mr. Boehner:  As a citizen, a tax payer and voter in the U.S.A., I can’t vote for you because I don’t live in your Ohio district, but I can say that I am truly disappointed by your callous disregard for the needs, wants and desires of me and the majority of our U.S. neighbors.

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