Top Attorney Drafts Impeachment Papers for Barack H. Obama

July 14, 2014

Thanks, House Speaker John Boehner.  You have successfully presided over a Congress which has the dubious distinction of officially becoming the least productive Congress in the history of the U.S.

The 113th Congress is solidly on track to enact 251 laws in total — over 10 percent less bills than the 112th Congress — which itself was credited with enacting the least amount of legislation since 1973.

Yet, if our Constitution were to be very carefully amended to change the purpose of the Congress, we could likely find that you have set a new record for frivolous activity, including the most recent announcement of your intention to file a taxpayer-funded lawsuit against the President of the United States for trying to do his job (against incredible opposition from House Republicans).

Despite some apparent irony in your pending lawsuit, I see at least one really positive facet to your case.

Although the current situation is not being billed as an impeachment, there are several Washington insiders who seem to think that filing a lawsuit is the foundation for an impeachment.

The last time the ultra-conservative right tried for an impeachment, their case relied on some sort of stain on a blue dress.

The good news from my perspective?  The ultra-conservatives seem to have expanded their horizons a bit.  It’s no longer focused on White House interns; now we have some actual issues to discuss.

I only wish they could find room to include Republican House leadership in their case.

Speaker Boehner and your band of merry men have refused to do your jobs, evidenced by your unwillingness to deal with critical issues (immigration, unemployment, tax reform), yet able to find the time to conduct 40 votes to repeal ‘ObamaCare’.

Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans – with front-man Ted Cruz leading the House Theatre of the Absurd — had the audacity to shut down the entire Federal government for a couple of weeks in October 2013, costing the American economy some $24 Billion in direct costs.

No doubt, the antics and shenanigans of the 113th Congress is the 21st Century version of The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland.

So, thanks again, John Boehner.  Lewis Carroll left us with the wisdom, “If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there,” so I know he would be mighty proud that you have been able to update and continue his saga for current and future generations!

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